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So please listen to the team members that are trying to make sure you get under shelter safely. If you see a storm coming which you will be able to see the dark clouds rolling in most of the time , make sure you have your plan. Are you at one of the hotel pools? Maybe start packing up and head out for an early dinner before the rush. All the places you would expect to get busy, gets 10 times busier than you would expect.

So plan ahead. Universal Orlando has A LOT of simulator rides and it seems like they just keep adding more and more each year. They are dominating the parks. If you are prone to motion sickness, then it might not be a good idea to go on these rides all in the same day. Most of the rides have a single rider line and they are clearly marked. It can cut down your wait time by more than half.

Sometimes they need two or three people for the same car, so you could end up going on the same ride together. Butterbeer is supposed to be served a certain way and taste a certain way and the team members will not destroy the integrity of the drink. If you have a small group, then you will more than likely be placed in the same compartment with another group and there are no windows in the compartment, so if you are uncomfortable with enclosed spaces, this might not be the train journey for you.

Everyone is too busy going with the flow of people to notice they are passing a photo op. You have to be exiting the train, you cannot get there through the entrance at Hogsmeade.

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So finding somewhere to eat can be confusing. The quick service and cafeteria style eateries serve your everyday average regular park food — pizza, chicken tenders, burgers, hot dogs, salads, fries… the usual. You can also choose to have a sit down serviced meal in one of the parks. Mythos by far surpasses that of any other theme park restaurant I have been to… it won best theme park restaurant a few years in a row!

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The mix of Asian, Mediterranean and American is perfect for a light lunch and the indoor mystical cave feel of the restaurant is magical. You have to book with a vacation package or be staying at an on-site to participate in some of the meal plans. Sometimes you just want to take a break from the parks and the rides and the heat and sip on a cold one. If you get a to-go drink somewhere at City Walk, you cannot take it into the parks with you. Same as if you get a drink in the park, you cannot take it out to City Walk with you….

Finnegans is a great place to take a time out for an hour. Universal is lucky enough to have Florida Brewing Company on their side that brews several beers unique to Universal Orlando Resort. Well now you can! I prefer the lite, if you are wondering. This is a Scottish ale that was the first exclusive beer made for Universal. This is the only place you can find this beer, it does not make an appearance in Diagon Alley at the other park.

If you are pressed for time and want to take it all in, then you can spend three full days. This is going to be very detailed, so bare with me. Holiday weekends will always be busier, so if you are arriving from another country, you should always check just to make sure. Christmas is the busiest time for the parks and try to avoid them at all costs. January: Rock the Universe: Super popular 2 day Christian music festival that hosts the biggest names in Christian rock music.

The streets get filled with New Orleans cuisine, Mardi Gras dancers, floats with plenty of beads to catch you can even have the chance to get on the float and throw some beads yourself!!!

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May-June: Summer Concert Series. The best part?

The concert was included in your price of your park ticket! Universal Studios is turned into one giant scare zone after 6pm on select nights. Walk through several houses all themed to famous horror films, scary movies, and thrilling TV shows. Jimmy Fallon came with Tonight Show and gave guests the opportunity to get tickets to his late night show! Universal has also seen the Today Show set up shop a few times and Ellen even dropped by for a week of shows. Another example: The ride wait time is 10 minutes, but then you get inside and it ends up being 45 minutes before you even get on the ride… ask the ride attendant for an express pass.

This privilege is NOT to be abused. Sometimes they will give your party 2 single express passes each because you are nice and understanding. Once you start getting angry and defensive, you will get nothing but a bad attitude. Sorry guys! Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This blog contains affiliate links and I may make commissions for the purchase made through these links at no extra cost to you. Even if they have been in the industry for 16 years, they were still able to sustain their creativity in song writing by always coming up with something new that people could relate to. They also took some time to collaborate with other great composers. It just shows how the band tried to evolve and grow as artists with the new album.

Pete's ultimate vision in the Lifehouse was to bring a large group of people together in a celebration concert to listen to music that was uniquely composed for each individual, with a grande finale that combined all the pieces together. Pete explored this idea further in "The Boy Who Heard Music", an internet novella that was published on his blog in The lifehouse-method.

The Basics

To date, the Lifehouse Method concert for sitters to gather and celebrate a performance of their portraits has not yet taken place. The synthesizer would then select notes from the pattern of that person. It would be like translating a person into music. On this particular track I programmed details about the life of Meher Baba and that provides the backing for the number. It was never realised as a film or any kind of theatrical narrative drama until , when it was developed by my company Eel Pie and broadcast as a radio play by the BBC.

The family arrives at the concert venue early and takes part in an experiment represented in what I would come to call the Lifehouse Method that Bobby conducts in which each participant is both blueprint and inspiration for a unique piece of tailor made music based upon his or her own specific personal data. Bobby hacks into the Grid and plays the music of all the participants of the concert, sharing them and their music with the world, and calling each other together to celebrate. In , Pete Townshend released the Lifehouse Chronicles box set.

In the following excerpts taken from the liner notes, Pete describes his vision of the Lifehouse Method, including a brief that he created for software designers to build a system similar to the one that he envisioned in I imagine a celebratory gathering at which a large number of individuals hear modest compositions or songs created specifically for them. In a finale, all those pieces could be combined, perhaps with creative and engaging images of each subject. I believe the result would have enormous impact and significance. I recently wrote a proposal to a friend of mine who owns a computer company that might have agreed to sponsor some events of this kind.

The Life House was first drafted by Pete Townshend as a film script. This year, 5 December , the definitive story behind the famous songs will finally be told when the BBC broadcast in the United Kingdom a radio play produced by Pete as part of their Millennium Drama series. In the first draft of the play was a fictional scene that, at the time, seemed almost inconceivable in reality.

In the finale of the film members of the audience attending a concert provided personal data to composers working with powerful computers, and heard the results. Every single piece of music was then combined, and a mathematical — yet wonderfully creative — metaphor for the universality of the human spirit was demonstrated.

Thirty years on, as the Millennium dawns, Threshold Computers, in association with Pete Townshend, are going to make this fictional scene happen.

Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide

Threshold to The Life House will give everyone a chance to hear a piece of music specifically composed for them by Pete and his team. Indeed, their piece of music will be unique and special, produced using special computer programmes, based on data produced from a questionnaire accessed on the web, and perhaps even from DNA extracted from a hair of each participant.

Pete will, in some cases, involve himself more deeply with participants, and develop lyrics or poetry to complement certain pieces of music. On a date yet to be set in the future, an event will be held at which many of the pieces of music will be heard in public for the first time. We could hear the Music of the Spheres, or a busy night on Broadway. Pete believes we will hear the ocean. Threshold Computers make buying and working with computers easier for people. Now they are making it easier to step into their own creative reflection.

Such visions must be realised rather than described. That much I have learned on my Lifehouse journey which pauses here. Thus I move quickly onto the reality. You are holding a CD package containing all the music inspired by the Lifehouse story over the last twenty nine years. A limited edition of called The Lifehouse Method will contain a unique code and a free ticket to the as yet unscheduled Lifehouse Concert.

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This is an excerpt from the brief I am giving to my software designers. Bloggers who participated in commenting on Pete's blog were invited to be a part of the first group of sitters in the Lifehouse Method experiment. In the following excerpts taken from the chapters entitled "The Glass Household" and "The Method", Pete portrays the characters discussing and participating in the Method. I believe that on this grid we will experience more lives than one in this lifetime. I believe this could be a fucking nightmare.

I believe music can reflect who we really are — like a mirror. I believe that each of us has our own unique music. I continued. I believe we will all eventually pass through this door. I believe that on the other side all our music will make a perfect symphony. I believe that that perfect music, that Perfect Music, will reflect God. Leila turned to Gabriel and Josh.

What if everyone on the Grid began to move in towards each other? Get on bikes? There were no domestic computers. We are capable today of making a reality of what once seemed like a metaphysical brainstorm. We can complete this work. But we need a method. We need a Method. In a modern, neat suburban white bedroom, a pretty young girl sat in her clean white night-dress and contemplated her computer screen. She typed her name. Her head was obviously empty; she had not expected an inquisition. The girl cleared her throat as if to sing, but she stopped before she began.

I am providing material that will be processed and used to establish an accurate impression of me. That impression will be transformed into my own unique music. The music will belong in three equal shares to me, to Glass Household, and divided among the various agencies that provide the Grid. I am one of a number of participants in this process.

In the future I will hear my music combined with the music of all the other participants. I do not know what to expect. Please bang your table or something to hand any number of times. She burst into laughter. It was fun. Here are excerpts from his discussion. Clark describes something like I describe, which is a grid where everybody gathers for survival in order to communicate and live through entertainment experiences. That was what the Lifehouse was about. So it wasn't quite like the internet, it was a bit like real reality TV.

It was a bit like living your life through the lives of others.

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility - Walkthrough/guide

Vicarious living. Living as a ballet dancer without having to learn ballet. A bit like a kids video game, more like that. But the other side of it was the idea that if everyone was connected, what would they share? What would they share musically, and how would they produce the music that they shared? A bit like when a painter paints a portrait, you are the sitter. You just have to sit and keep still.

And he paints, or she paints, and you sit. So, the artist is king. Nonetheless, the portrait that is produced is very authentic, because it has been channeled through a great portrait painter. So I thought, this software could be very fabulous, we could do this! In reality, this was So I got together with Roger Powell , who played with Todd Rundgren, a guy called Tim Souster , who became the composer in residence at Cambridge University, who introduced me to Stockhausen and a few other high brows in modern music, and people from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

And I realized of course that there was no computer in big enough or powerful enough to do what I wanted to do. And there was no internet. So of course, everybody that I talked to about this kind of looked at me and went, 'nice idea but I think you are nuts, you should go and get treatment. I dropped the Lifehouse bit.

You come to the website and we give you a piece of music which is yours. Completely unique. In fact, we allow you to own a third of the copyright. So, if Coca Cola decide to use it for their next commercial, you might get rich! The idea is this music is elaborated, and that we take all of this music and bring it together, and play it in a big celebration. Not exactly a festival, but a big event. We gather, we share our music with each other, actually in the flesh, and we see what it sounds like. My idea is that it probably will sound terrible [laughs].

It might sound like the sea, it might sound like a plane going by, it might sound like the gentle undulations of the ocean. It might sound terrible, it might sound beautiful. I don't know. Pete Townshend held a press conference at Oceanic Studios on April 25, to announce the launch of the Lifehouse Method system and website.

Pete discussed the history of Lifehouse and the details of the Lifehouse Method project. Lawrence Ball presented his portraiture system to the press, and gave a demonstration using John Pidgeon as the test sitter. The visual presentation was run by Rob Lee, and the sophisticated audio system was run by Myles Clarke. It's a website called the Lifehouse Method, which you can go to, to engage, put data in, and get a piece of music out.

It's as simple as that. I came up with the idea back in the 70's. But the idea probably germinated many, many years before. I was at art college in the 60's, taught by a bunch of sharp, forward thinking guys, one in particular called Harold Cohen , who just by chance went on to develop the first robot that paints pictures subjectively. But the course leader was a guy called Roy Ascott , and he described the way that computers of the future would change the way the artist, and I was at art school remember, the artist interfaced and reacted with his or her audience.

I think I was one of the students that understood what he was talking about. I don't quite know why, but I suddenly had this vision of the future of computers. It hasn't worked out quite as I imagined of course, but I had a vision. I'm talking about Computers, there were 3 in the world I think at the time, and one of them was as big as a planet practically. I don't quite know why. And then I also had a sense later in the 70's that if you linked computers up it might be useful. I understand human interfacing; I understand that when you write a song, people respond to it in their own way.

They come from their own place, they make their own decisions, they make their own conclusions.

But you as an artist very much respond to the way that they respond to you. In those days it meant the noise that your guitar made when it fed back into the great big Marshall stack behind you. So, a lot of the arty farty ideas that I had at art school started to come into my thesis as a composer, and I was accused very, very often in the world of rock and roll of being pretentious. Who gives a fuck. That's what I am and that's what I do. I was trained at art school, and came from a musical family.