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Bloodstone 1 fb - BTS - Approximately 18 years ago, Bloodstone met and married a woman named Elise, who adopted his last name. Eventually Elise gave birth to his daughter, Elsa. Ulysses distanced himself from both, and Elsa never knew him as she grew up.

Mysterious Ways Chapter One

After the break-up, Ulysses established a mansion in Boston, Massachusetts, which served to house many of the relics and other items he had collected over the years. The house was cared for by the vampire Charles Barnabus, who was also named to be the executor of his estate. Bloodstone also befriended an eccentric Polishman named Mr. Dluga, as well as his son. At some point, he also befriended the Frankenstein monster, who came to occasionally stay at his mansion, eventually acting as its caretaker.

The monster, sometimes using the name Adam, sometimes accompanied Bloodstone on missions. Bloodstone trusted Adam to give his daughter Elsa a fragment of the Bloodgem in a choker the Bloodstone choker, of course , when she was old enough. Fantastic, Namorita and Nova. Nova IV 34 - Bloodstone fought Mr. Fantastic in Vanaheim and was defeated when Mr. Fantastic adjusted the fuses on Bloodstone's time delay shells, blowing Bloodstone up and knocking him out in the process. Bloodstone's team ultimately lost and the elder Sphinx claimed both Ka Stones for himself.

Nova IV 35 - Bloodstone quickly realized that his shotgun was not enough to deal with the elder Sphinx, empowered by two Ka Stones. Sphinx was ultimately stopped by Nova Rich Rider and Bloodstone was presumably returned from where he came from. Marvel Presents 1 - Bloodstone was drawn to the menace of the monstrous Creature from the Sea, summoned by the Possessor inhabiting the body of a Flutist to serve as his new host. Sensing the connection, Bloodstone incapacitated the Flutist, and the Creature wandered off.

However, the Possessor then emerged from the Flutist's form, and considered taking Bloodstone's form instead. After forming a mind-meld with Bloodstone, the Possessor fired an energy blast through his chest, incapacitating him. Marvel Presents 2 - The Possessor continued to review Bloodstone's origins via mind-meld, but Bloodstone eventually confronted him on the astral plane and apparently destroyed him.

Bloodstone's gem identified his fate as being intertwined with that of actor Brad Carter, and when director P. Werner offered Bloodstone an acting job, he accepted, intending to stay close to Carter until he could determine their link. During this time, Werner scouted an island as a location for a movie. Investigating the island, Bloodstone found that it had formerly been known as Largos see comments. Renamed Bloodstone Island, it became his Bloodstone's main base of operations.

Accompanying Brad Carter, Bloodstone fought Centurius's agents--who sought to capture either Bloodstone or his gem, after which he was introduced to Samantha Eden, a freelance journalist. However, the ship was then attacked by the monstrous Goram, who rent a hole in the hull, causing the smuggled Bloodgem fragment to fall to the ocean floor.

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Bloodstone pursued it, but was incapacitated by Goram, who escaped with the fragment. Bloodstone used the island's defenses to contain Goram, but Killer Shrike, an agent of the Conspiracy arrived and freed Goram, intending to follow him to learn who his master was. Bloodstone subdued the Shrike, while Brad Carter followed Goram and was captured by Centurius's agents. However, Ulluxy'l confronted Centurius as well, only to learn that Centurius was actually secretly part of the Conspiracy, who had conspired to expel Ulluxy'l from their group. Bloodstone destroyed Centurius's robots and defeated Goram, but then confronted Centurius just as he utilized the Bloodgem fragment he had acquired to slay Ulluxy'l.

Centurius' then activated his island's self-destruct mechanism and escaped, forcing Bloodstone and Iron Man to rescue Centurius' prisoners--with the aid of S. Bloodstone then meditated on his own Bloodgem fragment and learned of the existence of the Exo-Mind, the intelligence within the Hellfire Helix and Bloodgem.

Samantha Eden was allowed to return to her apartment in France to consider Bloodstone's offer, but she was then confronted by Domino, an agent of the Conspiracy. In addition, another Conspiracy agent delivered the Modular Man to a New York hospital, where he collected the Killer Shrike before meeting up with another Conspiracy agent. Domino convinced Samantha Eden that she must distance herself from Bloodstone due a threat he posed to the world. There he encountered several Conspiracy agents who acted as empathic batteries and channeled the combined mindforce of the Conspiracy against him.

Billy Brand. His computers analyzed a programming tape from the "Death Suite" 's control room, giving only the vague message "Yesod is in Cancer" see comments. Bloodstone sent Carter to investigate the loss of communication with Bloodstone Island, and three days later Bloodstone himself appeared before the United Nations, declaring his sovereignty of Bloodstone Island, and requesting the UN's assistance and support.

Bloodstone's meeting was interrupted by the monstrous Sharzan the Elemental, who battled Bloodstone and eventually stunned him, allowing Kaballa a member of the Conspiracy to transport them both to his subterranean base. According to Kaballa, eventually the Exo-Mind decided it wished to experience death through Bloodstone, since its own life is eternal. At the same time, it decided, having experienced all it could through innocent eyes, it wished a new perspective.

To this end, the Exo-Mind organized the Conspiracy five members, including Ulluxy'l to usurp Bloodstone's gem. They would gain its power in exchange for providing this new perspective. Bloodstone was brought before the Conspiracy, where one of its members, Dr. Juden Bardham, a cardiologist, cut the Bloodgem from his chest.

The Conspiracy left Bloodstone for dead, traveling to the cavern in which Bloodstone had gained his power millennia before, and prepared to perform the ceremony to gain its power. However, the Exo-Mind instead absorbed the Conspiracy members and used their energies to coalesce the Bloodgem fragments into a single, monstrous crystalline creature.

However, residual Bloodgem energy in Bloodstone's corpse reanimated him, and he made his way from the Conspiracy's underground citadel to confront the Bloodgem creature. Now absolutely focuses on a sole purpose, Bloodgem used his third eye to access the astral plane on which the Exo-Mind existed. The Bloodgem creature shattered into countless fragments, while Bloodstone's body decayed into a lifeless skeleton. Brad Carter arrived at Bloodstone Island, where he was slain by an agent of Centurius.

Domino confronted Samantha and revealed that he had merely been distracting her to prevent her from allowing Bloodstone to be distracted from his narrow-minded purpose, which would have made him unfit for the Conspiracy's plot to defeat him. Their psi-sensitive agent, Tristram Micawber confirmed the bones to be Bloodstone's, and then Zemo removed the sternum to which the Bloodgem fragment was formerly attached, and gave it to use as a divining rod, with which they might seek out the Bloodgem fragments; Zemo sought to use the Bloodgem to resurrect his deceased father, Heinrich Zemo.

Captain America I - BTS - Despite interference from Captain America and many others, Zemo's allies utilized Bloodstone's sternum to successfully collect the Bloodgem fragments, but when they tried to resurrect Zemo, they instead found his body possessed by the Exo-Mind.

A good deal of the language on this page is American or American-ish. Again, this would have had American midwest overtones. Also, heeltaps — lees of wine at bottom of glass In the context, would certainly be an insult Traditionally such niceties were maintained in duels and challenges to duels. A bit ironic, since Jesus, as Ichthus , was in a way a fish god. In other words, up hill and down dale Also, tinnitus Here, his liver may be in fair shape, but everything else about him is pretty marginal. Klang associations are everpresent. Another distinguishing feature of this chapter: its high incidence of American allusions and expressions.

Also invites glass-breaking from Catholic populace. A major theme in this chapter Such prelapsarian beings would be innocent of the damnation that went with the fall — in that sense pre-damned. On the other hand, Pre-Adamites were heretics, therefore damned. Yet another coinciding contrary Arion may be mentioned at A weak echo, but it fits the sense. In cartoons, movies, etc.

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In which case it could be the message in the bottle, or the scripture in a mezuzah. Surely sexual. Mutual masturbation: see previous entry and note. Pace Again, Rhine gold see Also, since beard styles change with other fashions, they might serve as indicators of the period. Also, at sixteen to nine, hour hand and minute hand would be in almost exactly the same location. Complication: some perfectly healthy trees naturally come with — one more time — rough bark. Good buy! Cheap beer! Goodbye, Mister Cheap-beer.

See above entry and note. Beginning of a list of bric-a-brac. John K. Pub owners combined the running of the pub with a grocery, hardware or other ancillary business on the same premises in some cases, publicans also acted as undertakers, and this unusual combination is still common today in the Republic of Ireland. Spirit groceries continued to operate through World War One when British law limited the number of hours that pubs could operate. Some spirit groceries continued after the war, only closing in the s when supermarkets and grocery chain stores arrived.

For passages suggesting that HCE is simultaneously publican and in the sense given above grocer, see I think the origin of this is the sound of customers pounding on the pub door to be let in — another assault from outside. Union soldiers wore blue. Also, blooming skin glowing healthily and pallid the opposite Fits black-vs-white variations in this section Many combatants have asserted as much, of course, certainly including the United States, during the Civil War and in every one of its wars for the next hundred or so years.

The Black Bottom fad began as an African-American dance. Whig colors are buff and blue, not red. According to Richard D. Joyce would have concurred: that women outlive men — that, as here, widows far outnumber widowers — is a recurring theme. Incendiary Viking invaders menacing sacred manuscripts see McHugh would be followers of Thor, with burning brands in their hands. Same for the parents. A parallel kind of oak-worship puts Druids into the picture as well.

In any case, as noted above, the priesthood being described begins with tree worship. Priestcraft — brand-waving thunder-interpreters — precedes statecraft. Also, Glasheen cites this as referring to Lillian Gish, popular film ingenue of the silent era. May be pertinent that Lillian often costarred with her sister Dorothy; Issy is usually one of a pair of girls. The trip from the center of Dublin to the Chapelizod stop would be about three miles.

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Here, those two go together: big shots get to parade around only if the proles do the dirty work first. Also, the hemispheres of the brain. Shem and Shaun, corresponding respectively to the left-handed and right-handed sides of their father, may similarly divide up his brain: at More about the highwaymen Except for the pipe, from an earlier chapter, the items just listed will be noted in their order of appearance, beginning with the next entry.

A Tipperary native, by contrast, would likely be a bumpkin, at the other extreme of the hierarchy; that they are both turnips makes this a case of equal-opposites. Pederasty theme Also, wrestlers sometimes take mutual timeouts — pauses — to catch their breath. To further confuse matters, the Irish currency I first encountered was clearly taking English currency as a prototype — Irish pounds had the same size and shape as the British equivalent — even while the rate of exchange might vary significantly.

That the coins are a mixture of old English and new Irish obviously pertains to the political overtones at work here. Webleys were the standard service revolvers of the British military; in they were the weapons of the Black and Tans and Auxiliaries. Perhaps pertinent that Woden was the equally fearsome English Odin. Not exactly wrong, surely. A distinctive kind of chamber used in sewage disposal; 2. A nationalistic term for Teutonic toughness Always or almost always associated with the twins. In some traditions, a Joyce was the originator. Widely worn in see next entry the Levant.

Moscow and Mecca , of course, would also be to the east. Famously the war see Also, positive proof Also, the expression behind this: beating a dead horse. But why would purchasing such an item be unlawful? Or, has he stolen it? No idea what it was Given naval strain, perhaps also an allusion to the Pacific; the Atlantic appears at. Yet again, see Also compare The sense here is that even if the defecation is in the easternmost part of the city, the winds will — alas!

Working out ancient-vs.

As the accused, he was involved in a notorious court case. Do pigs ever eat sties? Goats are legendarily omnivorous — cartoons routinely represent them chewing on tin cans and such — but pigs? Also, see On the other hand, a flat round hat would signify a Protestant, not Catholic, cleric. Also, painters mix their paints on their palettes. Cattlemen vs. As usual, the pattern and the indictment may be reversed. And, of course, injustice In addition to grasshopper and ant, possible overtone of fox and geese, another set of natural animal-kingdom enemies. It was therefore, according to the definition, a widowed moon.

Answers of. The omission may be in line with evolutionary theory: cellular life begins with touch; other senses follow. And tactility does put in an appearance at Also, and contrarily, flowery airs — an over-nice, dandyish manner Also, perhaps, treacherous. He is best known for the unusual and increasingly eccentric names that he chose for his numerous children. Also, date and scene: time and place.

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Echoes lines Vergilius Maro: Vergil Myles Joyce spoke only Gaelic, did not understand the English-language indictment. Logic: presumably 1. Here, he is setting the odds at defiance. Whatever was deposed see McHugh entry by that nefarious Earwicker: compare Among other things, a firestone is a flintstone, used to start fires, apposite for this republican incendiary. Attempting to be: the defiance will soon leak away. All in all, an obvious instance of protesting too much. Roman Catholics make the sign of the cross from up to down to left to right. He was, on For non-American readers: in baseball, a pitcher will gyrate his body before fixing it in position before releasing the ball.

The bad news is, thus establishing him as the one to be sacrificed. See next three entries. For me! An obscure 5th century saint of Brittany, in some accounts said to have evangelized Ireland. Variants of name include Drystan, Dunstan, and Drosten. His feast day, which he shares with Saint Dunstan, is May The Illustrated London News picture of Delaney on trial shows nothing resembling a blank patch or, for that matter, a tunic.

Also, tanneries were famously foul-smelling. These and other elements indicate the not-very-subliminal presence of Shem. Long shot: the cage-like goal frame the goalie guards may suggest a barred jail cell. Also, overtone of: charity ball Probably not As for that tombstone: as Fritz Senn has remarked, everything ever written about James Joyce, from birth certificate on, contains at least one error. Tales of the bench and assizes and annals of the bluecoat school.

I sentenced him to ten years. I suppose he'd turn up his nose at that stuff I drank. Vintage wine for them, the year marked on a dusty bottle. Of the four, Ulster has by far the heaviest concentration of citizens of Scottish descent, which probably accounts for the tags from Robert Burns. The usual FW pattern of succession, as here, is up Ulster — down Munster — left Leinster — right Connacht , the order in which Roman Catholics cross themselves.

Here, they are competing to woo a presumably rich divorcee. Munster, home of the Blarney Stone, has a reputation for longwindedness. Corks float. Scrotum, testicles, semen, erection. Sometimes a cigar is not just a cigar. O blazes! Considering the sequence, the woman in question seems to be what used to be called fast. As in II. Also, so much for the War of the Roses Also, given context, a permanent erection, as symptom of satyriasis Also, in FW , spondees are a trademark of young male lovers such as Tristram.

And to forego the pasht! The general sense of the ensuing lines is that someone has saved him, either doing a good turn or in return for one. A pointer is a hunting dog. This may be a case of defensive mimicry. Perhaps being deaf insulates it from the urgings of hound and horn. Also, mead is brewed. Gist: he got the best of slimming-down dieters making fun of his girth by joking that he was there to tend to his innards, not reduce them. After all, at Also, un-home The general scene here recalls At one point Joyce — one-eyed himself, for a spell - wondered whether his eye ailments might have been due to inherited syphilis.

The cup in a cup-and-ball toy is attached to a handle. Also, Verdun had been a famously bloody battle. The old 89th Foot; so called because of their unerring certainty…in hunting down the Irish rebels in , when the corps was commanded by Lord Blayney. Equal-oppositely, Patrick Delaney see note to If he is going to be reincarnated, it will be by this route. A contradiction, perhaps, but one commonly found in marriages, families, communities, etc.

The whole. Or woman? The ultimate coincidence of contraries, and not one Joyce made up On my last visit to the Mullingar Inn, the largest tree in the back yard was an elm, not an oak. What the war was fought for The warring wife has finally found peace by becoming a widow. Also, is she wearing a yashmak? What of it? There is apparently no such unit of weight. Another interpretation, from E. These four are question 4 the Four Old men , question 6 Kate the Slop , question 10 Issy , and question 11 Shaun himself. Nora was twenty when she met and emigrated with Joyce.

A ton is a hundred hundredweights. Adjusting from long hundredweight to short also changes a ton from pounds to Seven colors of the spectrum are refracted from white. Joyce was an Irish tutor of English. Before the invention of the chronometer, sailors needed an accurate quadrant or sextant reading to know what time it was. Long shot: old tradition I learned it as fact in grade school that dinosaurs, because of their extreme length and the resulting time it took nerve signals to travel from one end to the other, had an extra brain in their tails.

The idea seems to be that as a merchant he cultivates the patronage of wealthy Jews. Repetition of park motif.

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Occurs in this sense in Pepys, among others Probably obvious. The point of a portcullis is to slide down and block the way.

The house of Orleans is worsted by that of Burgundy. Perhaps changed to Monday because that is the traditional washing day First Google appearance: Because FW sex is transgressive, it doubles here with the black cap donned by judges when sentencing murderers to hang. O bely! Sense may be that he goes from overindulgence to abstinence. Another example of one entry logically following its predecessor Tailors use thimbles, and at Probability of this identification is, I think, enhanced by being followed by the next entry: Sigerson, published in Also, a good boy at school Same for the blacks in Africa May reflect belief of Nazis and their forerunners that Aryans originated in the region of the Himalayas.

They can sense him smiling, either from afar or from the front row. Also — sorry about this — probably the scent coming from between their legs, cheering him up. The next two entries seem to follow suit. Spurgeon went to heaven 4 a. Not arrived yet. Sounds like a benevolent despot There is no consensus on what in FW corresponds. This may be one candidate. See next annotation.

Felt is a common material for such hats. Much mentioned in the Ossian legends. Mink uncertainly suggests Ashanti, a kingdom in eastern Africa which, like China and Ireland was annexed by the British. Perhaps pertinent that 19th English caricatures of Irishmen, Africans, and African-Americans were often indistinguishable. Its annual orbit around the sun is approximately twenty-nine and a half years. Of earth-stuff we find nothing that is so light as Saturn, not even the spongy rock called pumice which floats on water.

Also, of course, annual. Pretentious, at least un peu , it certainly is, but still a step up from his former home in a cave. No good deed goes unpunished. Bell is tolling for the dead. Still, some associative logic seems to be at work here. Although not adjoining or connecting, the two are in the same neighborhood Ballsbridge about two or three irregular blocks apart from one another.

Both Raglan and Marlborough were blue-blood generals, although one is remembered as a military genius and the other, principally responsible for the Charge of the Light Brigade, as a military incompetent. Raglan was at Waterloo, was shot in the shoulder, and had his arm amputated. Nothing comparable seems to have happened to Marlborough.

Given Perhaps pertinent that, at least at Waterloo, Blucher led a super charge. Adam was the first gardener. After the bloodletting, corpse-stripping, and bone-picking, Adam has the job of starting the round all over again, tending the soil which will become the field, etc. FW includes several instances of the theme, for instance He won favor with those at opposite extremes, the urban Ascendancy upper crust of Dublin and the rural rebels of Wexford. Likely the story of a number of well-to-do Irish-Americans. Plus: Spider-Woman's dark secrets revealed! Captain America catches her double-dealing the Avengers and corners her!

How did Spider-Woman get her powers back and to whom does she answer? It's all here! Hardcover, pages, full color. It's New Excalibur vs. No-not nearly enough! Especially if you're a mutant and people are trying to kill you! One of the kids is horribly injured and may not live through the night. And William Stryker is vehemently preaching hatred for mutants. Will any of the kids make it to graduation? Part 3 of 4 32 PGS. In fact, they are rather angry. So they make things explode. Lots of things. Guest-starring Fin Fang Foom!!! Director's Cut Edition.

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